Tuesday, March 30, 2010

i-Am the System - Choreographers Ball

Is finally over...

1 month hardwork ..

was so much fun doing this production ..

So many first time :

1st time - Dancing outside of NRA for production

1st time - Going for audition to get into the production

1st time - Dancing with Boots with HEeels -_-

1st time - I need doing the sexy sexy style ..

Meeting a lot of plp from diff place / diff item .

everyone is so dope and frenly .

NRA should really step out of our own house and exlore the outside world ..

Was quite Stress with the style..
as it was quite outside my comfort zone /

didn't expect xuehui to do such style =(


training time is so little / Steps teaching is quite fast../ a lot of changes during the last min ..

And .didn't quite meant her expectation up till Hours before the show ..

felt so lousy / sorry at tt time

but the show muz go on ..
all the encouragement + lending of soul did help ..

I do hope tt i did a breakthru this time in terms of showmanship /style wise.

Steps wise .. i personally felt tt .. i didn't really gave wat ah hua wanted.. =(

but i do hope i did nt disapppoint her =D

thank you YUMSYUMS !

all the encouragement ! all the help ! We did it together !
rehearsal won't be so much fun without u all around !

thank you Xuehui !

for the amazing item and the encouragement !

i will still use the word :respect ! ... looking forward to working with her again =)

thank you dancers in xuehui item !

is was fun meeting u all / dancing with u all !

Love every moment of it , and i gonna miss it

felt So dance lost now !

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Very busy..
Very tired..
but fruitful =D

Can't wait for "I.AM the system" - Cherographers Ball " ...

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I 'm upset by the fact that ..
i'm not able to watch Speed live 2010 this year..

Due to budgeting problem ..
concert tour starts from april - june..

is like juz 2 months - 4 months from now..
tt's no way i can save the money to go ..
damn it..


I'm so affected..

Stupid VF .. why do this to us =(((((((((?

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

TOday is not a happy day ..
I failed my Driving test =(
so sad.

Damn it
I gotta retest... on april

Now i can't start my jap class..
tt's sad again ..


well.. gonna do better next time

Thursday, December 31, 2009

HELLO 2010!!

2009 has been a crazy year for me
Not a very good one.. but
a lot of incident do happen

Lets name a few :

TBG 2009

Was still quite upset that i didn't dance on stage for TBG

if given a chances

i will still choose to dance


this time round .. i get to choero for NRA showcase ..

really stunning experience for me

but i think i could have done a better job .

not the best

Might not have the chance to dance n TBG stage anymore.

but i still hope for slight chance =D

see how in 2010 =D

Taiwan Trip 2009 in april

First time going trip with COllegues!

Was fun for me..

Weather in taiwan is GOOOD!!

this is also 1 of the place i wanna go

and i did it in 2009 !

woo !

thanks samsung !!

Suntec dance 2009 -

Rough addicts joined again

Thought we didn't win the top 3 this year

But i strongly feel the team having fun on stage especially during the finals \

We got our best costume award thou ..


More of RA to come in 2010 !

i love you werid pig !!!

OSaka Trip 2009
This is the month where 2 dreams of mine came true /.
One is to go to JAPAN

One is to watch my idol SPEED live.

I did BOTH!


Finally saw speed with my own eyes.

even thought they ain't that near to me.

But i seriously can feel them .. =D

thank you SPEED for making the trip worth it 100%

and for japan ..

i LOVE it too .

I love their everything !!

except for the expensive pricing .

am so going back next year =)

Dance Infinity 2009

Join this comp with Blackinitial / Dramads girls

All girls 12 person group

Initial thought that is a lousy comp !

Sorry.. that was really the initial Stage..

But is a totally new experience for me ..

but most impt we WON!

+ $333.33 =D

What i hope for 2010 :

- Get a car license

-Seriously LEarn a dance genre ( HOUSE )

-Work on dance basic

-Slim down a bit =D

-Go japan 2010

-Go speed concert again

-Join Comp with RA again + win together again =)

-Get a better paying job =P

I got the best New year present..


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Simply love japanese Food

it juz taste so nice..
EX but nice =D

Highly recommanded -

Name of food : Calpis Sweet - $2.50

Brand : Kirin Afternoon Tea (Lemon tea) - $3.20

Monday, December 21, 2009

Yes yes yes!

Sugar spice and everything nice are champion of dance infinity 2009 !

damn happy!

we don't normally win all comp ..tt's why i 'm ultimate happy =DDD!!